Thursday, August 13, 2015

Newborn Long Stocking Cap (photo prop)

Nap time

So a new baby brings out my creativity...that is apparent now.  I officially can't stop lol

Here is another cute pattern for a newborn photo prop hat.


I hook 

Large eye needle to weave in ends and attach eyes

Ww yarn in color choice (I use Caron Simply Soft Baby in Misty Green )

Abbreviations :

MR : magic ring

Ch:  chain

Sl st:  slip stitch

Dc:  double crochet

F.o. :  finish off


Unless noted otherwise: ch2 at beginning of each round does not count as stitch.  If pattern reads "sc, sc2tog, 2sc" it would be read as, " single crochet, single crochet 2 stitches together, 2 single crochet in the next stitch", directions are to be repeated to end of row/round unless otherwise noted.
This is an original design by me, Anna Wilson, and I share it freely with all you crafty crocheters!  You may do whatever you like with your finished Newborn Long Stocking Caps: sell them at farmer's markets, use them, gift them, fly to the moon with them or take over the world with them!! But I ask that you not reproduce/sell this pattern.


1: Mr 4dc (4) at end of each round: join with a sl st, ch2

2-3: dc (4) hide the beginning tail now or you may have some difficulty later on!

4: 2dc, dc3 (5)

5: dc (5)

6: dc2, 2dc, dc2 (6)

7: dc (6)

8: 2dc, dc5 (7)

9: dc (7)

10: dc3, 2dc, dc3 (8)

11: dc (8)

12: 2dc, dc7 (9)

13: dc (9)

14: dc4, 2dc, dc4 (10)

15: dc (10)

16: 2dc, dc9 (11)

17: dc (11)

18: 2dc, dc (14)

19: dc (14)

20: 2dc, dc, 2dc, dc2, 2dc, dc, 2dc, dc2, (2dc, dc) x2 (20)  

21: 2dc, dc (30)

22:  2dc, dc2 (40)

23-29: dc (40)

30: sc f.o. weave in ends


I made a quick little tassel for the end of this hat, you can make one or not, or try a pom pom or add a crescent moon!  Your imagination is all that is holding back!

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  1. Thank you for this cute pattern. So quick and easy. ��