Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Hat design...Contest!

I made a hat for myself many years ago when my youngest daughter started high colors... this proud Band Mom had to have an amazing hat to support my amazing daughter during the football games!
My sweet nephew Joey wearing my hat (BBB is Blazing Blue Band)
My sweet little kinders in their hats
Jayce a.k.a. Red Beard is wearing Black & Flame, Noo Noo is wearing light pink and a darker pink.
Although I used two colors for those hats, a variegated yarn alone looks very cool! (I prefer the single color method due to ease of making and I really like the fullness it creates!)

I've  made a few alterations and I am currently writing up the pattern in many sizes.  I will NEED pattern testers!

I also need a name for this hat!  Visit Mommy Made Crochet on Facebook for more info!

The name that gets the most votes will be the winner!  And the person who suggested the name will receive a free copy of the pattern or a completed hat (for those that don't crochet).

Some yarns need a run through the washer & dryer to give them more bounce, Red Heart Super Saver looks amazing after washing! So... no need for expensive yarns unless you want to use them!

Thank you!!


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