Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sloth of Goonies keychain ***free crochet pattern***

This has been a pretty rough year with Lupus but I am so excited to announce that we have plans to visit Astoria, Oregon this summer for Goonies Days! (June 7-10, 2019)

Goonies is one of our family all time favorite movies...maybe your family favorite too?

I wanted to make a little something to commemorate this awesome trip and I settled on a keychain of Sloth ♡

I felted his mouth but you could easily embroider as well.

You can purchase an ad free PDf Sloth Pattern
Hey you guys!


Ww yarn in light peach (I used I Love This Yarn) and warm brown  (I used Red Heart Super Saver)

Materials to felt or embroider mouth

9mm safety eyes


Keyring or lanyard hook/zipper pull

F hook


Needle (to weave in ends and create features)

See Supply Links page for links to supplies needed to make your own Sloth!


Ch: chain

Mr- magic ring

Sl st: slip stitch

Sc: single crochet

Sc2tog: single crochet 2 sts together; decrease

Hdc- half double crochet

Dc- double crochet

5dc bobble- yo, insert hook pull up a loop, yo draw through 2 loops x5, yo draw through remaining loops on hook to complete st

Tr- treble crochet

F.o. : finish off


All terms American.   If pattern reads "sc, sc2tog, 2sc" it would be read as, " single crochet, single crochet 2 stitches together, 2 single crochet in the next stitch", directions are to be repeated to end of row/round unless otherwise noted.  As with any pattern, be sure to read through once before beginning, and don't forget to mark your rounds! (I use a bit of contrasting yarn) This is an original design by me, Anna Wilson 2019.

You may do whatever you like with your completed Sloth keyring, you can attach to a zipper, befriend a group of Goonies,  or even give them as a gift!  I only ask that you please not claim this pattern as your own, I worked hard to design my Sloth  Keychain :)

Begin with warm brown

1- ch7, slide keyring up chain to hook, over keyring-sl st, sl st. In next 4 chs, sc6 in last ch1, change to peach. (6)

2- sc, 2sc (9)

3-sc2, 2sc (12)

4- sc, 2sc (18)

5- sc (18)

6- sc2, 2sc (24)

7- sc (24)

8- sc3, 2sc (30)

9-10 - sc (30)

11- sc4, 2sc (36)

12- sc17, 5dc bobble, sc18 (36)

13-18 - sc (36)

19- sc4, sc2tog (30)

20- sc3, sc2tog (24) place eyes, I put right eye abt rnd 9 and left eye about rnd 12

21- sc2, sc2tog (18)

22- sc, sc2tog (12) finish stuffing

23- sc2tog (6) f.o. close opening and weave in end.

Brow with peach

1- Mr 4sc (4)

2-10 - sc (4) f.o. leaving a long end to attach brow to head. DO not stuff, close opening.

Left ear with peach

1- Mr, sc3, hdc dc, hdc f.o. close ring. Leave ends for attaching to head

Right ear with peach

1- Mr, ch2, tr2, dc2, hdc2, sc2 f.o. close ring. Leave ends for attaching to head.


Attach brow at an angle hanging a bit over the eyes. Attach the left ear in line with left eye, and right with right eye. See picture for placement. Weave in ends after attaching.

Felt or embroider mouth to your liking.

Hair- cut some strands of warm brown yarn approx 5" long to attach to head for hair along the hair line created in 1st end of head. Add as little or as much as you like to get the look you want.

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  1. OMG!!!! I love this!!!! I am such a Goonie! How did I not know about Goonies Days?! Now I gotta plan a road trip!!!