Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year!

Sorry that is a bit late lol

I have been busy with a new gift my mom got me for Christmas: A crochet pattern calendar!  Yes, It was one of my favorite gifts of all time!
Light and Airy Afghan
(Patons-  and my calendar!)
My version is obviously not one color

In other news...

Pay it Forward 2015 is in full swing!  Custom Hats , custom headwraps and some rtg (ready to go)!

Remember for every hat or headwrap sold I am donating one hat to a person in need :)


Edgar & Alan are at the Desoto County fair this year!  This is my first time entering any of my crochet work in any event!  I am super excited!  I hope I win the Blue Ribbon!

Edgar & Alan- The Frog Brothers at the Desoto County Fair 2015!

And now for something completely different...

I love to garden.  Like,  I really love it.  I find it helps me therapeutically to deal with my pain.  My second big hobby :)  I did a bit too much and pulled a few too many plants and I am paying for that still...however my kids and husband stepped in, helping me when I needed it most! 
We have had some odd winter weather here in SW FL this year so when my 16...almost 17yo daughter asked to spread some wildflower seed early I figured it couldn't hurt. Today I went to check on her seed bed and voila! Babies!!!!  I tossed a few dozen marigold seedheads in the bed 2 days ago, that is what the brown pod like things are.
Emilie's Flowers

That has been the beginning of 2015.  I couldn't be any happier than I am here today and for that I am thankful :)  Thank you friends for looking in on the crazy life of this old hookin' yaya.

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