Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thom the Devil Dog - English bulldog * free crochet pattern

Both of my parents are USMC vets. For this Father's Day I really wanted to make a Devil Dog for my dad. (Don't say anything but mom is getting a late Mother's day Devil Dog too!)

I was raised to respect and honor those who have served our country and those who gave everything for it.

I looked all over for an English bulldog pattern I liked but I never found exactly what I was looking for. I decided to get to work designing my own. I hope you enjoy making your own Devil Dogs! (Or just bulldogs)

I dedicate this pattern to all who have served our country and I hope to follow with more patterns like this.


F hook

Size 4 yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver in buff & warm brown

Small amt of black yarn for details & nose

Small amt of brown yarn for hat

Small amt

12mm safety eyes



Tapestry needle for attaching and weaving in ends


Mr: magic ring

Ch: chain

Sl st: slip stitch 

Sk: skip

Sc: single crochet 

Sc2tog: decrease by 1 sc

Hdc: half double crochet

Hdc3tog: decrease by 2 hdc

Dc: double crochet 

Flo: sts created in front loop only

Mirror crochet: mirror crochet follow link for video tutorial by Sad Days Crochet (optional)

F.o. : fasten off


All terms American.   If pattern reads "sc, sc2tog, 2sc" it would be read as, " single crochet, single crochet 2 stitches together, 2 single crochet in the next stitch", directions are to be repeated to end of row/round unless otherwise noted.  As with any pattern, be sure to read through once before beginning, and don't forget to mark your rounds! (I use a bit of contrasting yarn) This is an original design by me, Anna Wilson 2017.

You may do whatever you like with your completed Devil Dog, you can brave the dark together, donate them, sell them, fundraise with them or even give them as a gift!  I only ask that you please not claim this pattern as your own, I worked hard to design my Devil Dog :)


Head: with main color

1: Mr 6 (6) join, ch1 on every round of head

2: 2sc (12)

3: sc, 2sc (18)

4: sc2, 2sc (24)

5: sc3, 2sc (30)

6-8: sc (30)

9: sc12, FLO- 2sc x6, both loops- sc12 (36)

10: sc12, *2sc, sc2 * x4, sc12 (40) place safety eyes between rnds 6/7 6 sts apart over muzzle

11-14: sc (40) 

15: sc12, *sc2tog, sc2 * x4, sc12 (36)

16: sc12, sc2tog x6, sc12 (30)

17: sc, sc2tog (20) *stuff the head 

18: *sc, sc2tog * sc in last 2 sts (14)

19: sc2tog (7) f.o. leaving a long tail for closing opening and shaping the muzzle

Nose: with black

Ch6, begin 2nd ch from hook: sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc f.o. leaving a long tail for attaching to muzzle

Muzzle: with main color

1: Mr 6 (6) work in continuous rnds, do not join

2: sc, 2sc (9)

3: sc2, 2sc (12)

4: sc3, 2sc (15)

5-6: sc (15)

7: sc3, sc2tog (12)

8-21: sc (12)

22: sc3, 2sc (15)

23-24: sc (15)

25: sc3, sc2tog (12)

26: sc2, sc2tog (9)

27: sc, sc2tog (6) f.o. leave a long tail to close opening and attach to head

Body: with main color

1: Mr 6 (6) work in continuous rnds

2/3: 2sc (12/24)

4: sc, 2sc (36)

5: sc2, 2sc (48)

6: sc11, 2sc (52)

7-12: sc (52)

13: sc2tog, sc11 (48)

14: *sc2, sc2tog * x6, sc24 (42)

15-17: sc (42)

18: *sc1, sc2tog * x6, sc24 (36)

19-20: sc (36)

21: sc4, sc2tog (30)

22: sc (30)

23: sc3, sc2tog (24)

24-29: sc (24)

30: sc2, sc2tog (18)

31: sc, sc2tog (12)

32: sc2tog (6) f.o. weave in ends

Front legs: with main color

1: Mr  (6) join and ch1 at end of every rnd

2: 2sc (12)

3: sc, 2sc (18)

4-6: sc (18)

7: sc4, sc2tog (15)

8: hdc 7, sc2tog x4 (11)

9: *2hdc, hdc * x3, 2hdc, sc4 (15)

10: hdc, hdc2tog x2, hdc, hdc2tog x2, hdc, 2sc x4 (15)

11-14: sc (15)

15: begin rows-  sc 10 (10) ch1 turn

16: mirror: sk 1st st, sc7, sk1 st, sc (8) ch1 turn

17: sc (8) ch1 turn

18: mirror- sk 1 st, sc5, sk 1 st (6) ch1 turn

19: sc (6) ch1 turn

20: mirror- sc (6)

21: sk 1st st, sc4, 2sc, turn to work down side of rows : sc down sides of rows and in skipped sts of rnd 14. Join to beginning leaving a long tail for attaching to body.

*Front legs are turned inward towards body

Back legs: with body color

1-13: same as front leg

14: do not ch1 1- sc (18) do not join

15: sc to center front of leg for left leg and center back for right leg turn ch1

16: mirror- sc7 (7) turn ch1

17: 2sc, sc5, 2sc (9) turn ch1

18: mirror- sc (9) turn ch1

19: sk 1 st, sc6, sk 1 st sc (7) turn ch1

20: mirror- sk 1 st, sc4, sk 1 st, sc (5) turn ch1 

21: sk 1 st, sc2, sk 1 st, sc (3) do not turn

22: sc around leg opening in same manner as front legs. Join f.o. leaving a long tail for attaching to body.

* back legs face forward

Ears: with body color x2

Ch6 leave a long beginning tail for attaching to head

1:  hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc 4 (5) ch1 turn

2: mirror: hdc (5) ch1 turn

3: Sk 1 st, hdc2, sk 1 st hdc (3) ch1 turn

4: mirror: hdc3tog ch1 turn, sc around ear, at bottom corners sc, ch1, sc . Join to 1st st, f.o. weave in this end

Tail: with main color

1: mr 6 (6)

2: 2sc, sc (9) f.o. leave a long tail for attaching to body

Eyebrows: with main color x2

Ch 5 leaving a long end tail and 6" beginning tail

Finishing Bulldog:

Attach muzzle to face as shown, attach nose to top of muzzle. Use a small amt of white yarn to stitch teeth if desired. Do not weave in muzzle tail yet.

Pin eyebrows in desired location, depending on placement and shape you can change the expression very easily. After you have in desired place stitch eyebrow to head in a whipstitch manner, sewing over the chain to give dimension.

Use use tail from muzzle to shape forehead as desired. Play around until you get the result you want. When satisfied with head weave in all ends.

Attach ears to top of head as in pictures. Weave in ends.

Pin head to body minding the shape of the body for placement. Once satisfied with placement sew to body and weave in ends

Stuff feet a little firmly, be sure not to stuff ankles hard. Use some black yarn to create toes. By pulling the yarn tight and fastening that way you can create definition for toes. Stuff legs a little firmly so they can support his body weight.

Pin legs to body in desired position before sewing in place, be sure your dog can stand well.  Place tail at end of body on top of rump, use a small amt of stuffing and sew in place.

Campaign Hat (drill hat) with brown

1: Mr 6 (6) join ch1 at end of every rnd

2: 2sc (12)

3: sc, 2sc (18)

4: sc2, 2sc (24)

5-10: sc (24)

11: FLO- sc3, 2sc (30)

12: 2hdc, hdc4 (36)

13: sc5, 2sc (42) join. Weave in ends

Optional: crochet a short chain and attach to hat as chin strap