Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crochet Cotton Moccasin Shoes (Adult size)

After playing around a bit  I think I have the answer to a pattern for adult sizes :)  Kids size available here

I have not added optional fringe at this point 


*I hook
*Cotton Yarn- I used Peaches & Cream (medium weight size 4)
*Cheap Flip Flops- I got flip flops for $0.98 a pair at Wal-Mart (these are one size larger than my shoe size, you could probably buy the correct size for a snug fit -I don't want tight shoes) 
*Puffy Paint - I use this to fill hole on sole
*Sharp scissors (to cut flip flops & jute)
*optional- drill with a small bit to put holes in sole (this can be accomplished with a needle as well, but I felt it was a little less labor intensive to pre-drill holes)
*large eye needle to sew jute to sole
*Twisted Jute Twine (see pic!)
*something to measure with & a Sharpie- to mark holes
This is the Jute I used


ch: chain

sl st: slip stitch

sc: single crochet

mirror sc: a style of crochet that gives row work the appearance of rounds Mirror sc video (you can use regular sc if you prefer or you can learn this great stitch!)

sc2tog: single crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)

BLO: crochet in back loop only

Rsc: reverse single crochet reverse sc video

Third Loop: you will sew the toe in place through these loops third loop

Hdc: half double crochet

Hdc2tog: half double crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)

Hdc3tog: half double crochet 2 stitches together (decrease 2 sts)

Dc:  double crochet

Tr: treble crochet

Tr2tog: treble crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)


Unless noted otherwise: ch at end of each row and join rounds with a sl st.  If pattern reads "sc, sc2tog, 2sc" it would be read as, " single crochet, single crochet 2 stitches together, 2 single crochet in the next stitch", directions are to be repeated to end of row/round unless otherwise noted.  
This is an original design by me, Anna Wilson, and I share it freely with all you crafty crocheters!  You may do whatever you like with your finished Moccasins: sell them at farmer's markets, wear them, gift them, fly to the moon with them or take over the world with them!! But I ask that you not reproduce/sell this pattern.  


Begin by preparing flip flops, see How to make flip flop soles

Because all the st counts will be different based on size we will mark our soles to indicate toe/heel areas.
My toe marker is 3 sts toward toe from back straps and my heel marker is 1 st away from straps-4 spaces between.  place your foot over the sole, does this line up for you?  If you want to move your markers now is the time to get the best fit for your feet.  Think "sock heel" for heel area.

We will be crocheting over the knot, it won't be missed :)

Begin crochet:

Toe: make 2 

ch 11 (is this too long/short for the toe end? Change this by inc or dec begin ch)

1: sc in2nd ch from hook across, ch1 turn (at end of every row) (10) < your number may be different

2: mirror sc, ch1 turn (10)

3: increase row- 2sc, sc8, 2sc, ch1 turn (12) 

4: mirror sc, ch1 turn (12)

5:  optional increase row- (I did not need to increase this row for size 9/10 women's) if you need to increase increase 2 in first and last sts. if no increase necessary: sc,ch1 turn (12)
Keep the width of your "toe" within the jute boundaries (toe touches outer edge of jute ch at arch)
6: mirror sc, ch1 turn (12)

7: sc, ch1 turn (12)

8: mirror sc, ch1 turn (12)

* repeat rows 7 & 8 until you are near the toe markers in length ending with a row 7 (about 1 st away) (I made a color change in the last row 7 I made- row 19 for me I left a long tail of the variegated to stitch to shoe later)

next row: mirror sc, ch1 turn (12) (this row or next should be even with your toe markers)

next row: BLO sc, ch 1 do not turn (12) 

last row: rsc across f.o. weave in ends.

Side upper:

begin crochet in inner sole always

1: 2hdc in each ch around (go through both loops of jute, hide ends of knot as you work), join with a sl st, ch 1

2: (I changed color, you don't need to) sc around shoe, at center of heel sc2tog x2, continue to sc to end, join with a sl st, ch1 (I changed color back-this is optional)

3: sc to heel first heel marker, hdc2tog, hdc to center 4 sts of heel-  hdc2tog x2  in center 4 sts of heel, hdc to 2 sts before last heel marker, hdc2tog (finishing st in marked st), sc after heel marker to end of round, join with a sl st, ch1

4: *between heel sts work: hdc3tog, hdc, dc to center 10 sts of heel, tr2tog x5, dc to last 3 sts of heel hdc3tog, 
*between heel and toe markers: sc to 2 sts before toe marker (when shoe toe up) sc2tog;  when working towards heel from toe the 1st 2 sts of sc are sc2tog (2 decreases) 
*between toe markers: hdc to approx 6 sts before toe hole: sc to approx 6 sts after toe hole on opposite side, hdc to next toe marker

at end of row join with a sl st and ch1  pull up a long loop- time to attach toe

Line up the BLO row with the toe markers and pin in place
Attach toe by stitching around shoe using the 3rd loop of row 4 
After you toe is sewn in place pick up your loop and continue with crochet

5: *between heel markers:hdc2tog, hdc to center 6 sts- hdc2tog x3, hdc to last 2 sts between heel markers- hdc2tog
*toe from heel markers sc to sts before toe marker, sc2tog, sc to next tow marker, sc2tog, sc to heel marker.

f.o. weave in ends.  Cut some fringe and attach to skipped front loops of blo row of toe :)

Crochet under both loops of jute ch!

Let your imagination run wild!  Please share your pics of completed projects on my Facebook page :)