Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to make "flip flop soles"

This is just a quick tutorial on how to prepare a cheap pair of flip flops to receive your crochet.


*I hook
*Cotton Yarn- I used Peaches & Cream (medium weight size 4)
*Cheap Flip Flops- I got flip flops for $0.98 a pair at Wal-Mart (these are one size larger than my granddaughter wears-smallest they had- I bought a pair one size larger for the adult pair I'm making as well-I don't want tight shoes) 
*Puffy Paint - I use this to fill hole on sole
*Sharp scissors (to cut flip flops & jute)
*optional- drill with a small bit to put holes in sole (this can be accomplished with a needle as well, but I felt it was a little less labor intensive to pre-drill holes)
*large eye needle to sew jute to sole
*Twisted Jute Twine (see pic!)
*something to measure with & a Sharpie- to mark holes 
This is the jute I used


Cut the toe from the flip flop and...

...cut the back straps at an angle and turn outwards.
*Leave the back straps in place*

Mark around bottom of sole in 1/2" increments
*BE SURE the dot count is the same!  I had 35 dots on each of these soles*
Optional- drill through marked holes
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*you can use a needle if you're tough ;)
Similar to a "chain stitch"
1: using jute- insert needle through hole from inner sole to outer and return through next hole
2: loop around end of jute and return needle through hole you just came through, do NOT pull too tight
3: bottom of shoe view- this stitch will create a "solid" line of sts
4: push needle from outer sole to inner sole through next hole
5: insert needle through previous loop
6: return needle through hole it just came through
7: push needle from outer sole and through previous loop
*continue around, join with a knot (will be hidden under work)

Left- inner sole;  right- outer sole

Bottom of moccasins, puffy paint in toe hole- be sure to let dry before working with sole/wearing


Attach your favorite crochet slippers by making 2dc in each jute st around inner sole (this number will vary by size of sandals).  Fit your favorite slippers into  the dc and stitch in place!

You can make your jute sts just around the toes of your sandals and make slides!  Have fun with your creations!

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